Asysco, truly a great place to work

“Working for Asysco means working for a high-tech organization with great focus on service and quality. We consider ourselves to be THE mainframe modernization experts out there.

Our highly qualified people are at the base of our success. I strongly believe, actually I KNOW, that it is their continuous drive for improvement and perfection that enables us to be the best partner in mainframe modernization and migration.

Besides the more than 30-years experience we hold in the company our people are simply born to go the extra mile and deliver high quality solutions for our clients.

When hiring, we always seek the exact mixture of “ingredients” in a person. Not only do we look for the outstanding technical skills and great motivation, we’ve also determined 5 core competencies that reflect the ideal Asysco employee: Problem solving, Perseverance, Standing alone, Customer focus & Ethics & Values.”

In return, of course, we do our best to take care of our staff by providing competitive benefit packages, focusing on personal development, organizing outings on a regular basis and maintaining an informal working environment with (very) short communication lines and room for individual input.

To cut a long story short; It just truly is a great place to work”
Marielle Smit, HR Manager

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly feel it is our social responsibility to play an active role in the development of students and school programs. We continuously offer intern and/ or graduation research positions for students (higher educational level and up) and we closely collaborate with “Stenden University” to provide research assignments that are closely aligned with their curriculum as well as guest classes provided by our team members.

Furthermore we always seek for opportunities to contribute to the maintaining of our environment.

Open positions

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(Senior) Technical Services Consultant

Based in the USA. We’re looking for a customer focused, technically skilled consultant with a ‘can do’, problem solving mentality who loves to travel and is eager to master the Asysco Legacy Transformation technology and methodology.

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