Unlocking Your Legacy Value

Legacy systems, for example mainframes, still lie at the heart of many  IT operations. As business demands the use of new technology like mobile, cloud and self service, the need for legacy migration and modernization increases. Since 1979, Asysco has been the legacy transformation and modernization experts. We have proven technology, methodology and a large number of satisfied customers. Our motto ‘Unlocking your Legacy Value’ expresses our confidence that transformation projects make a lot of sense, the risks can be well managed, and the resulting value is simply outstanding.

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Featured customers

More than 60 successful migration projects Over the past 30 years Asysco has successfully completed migration and transformation projects for over 60 customers in almost every major industry. Our wide range of experience gives a fair familiarity with most of the due diligence processes and relevant business models in these industries.

VIVAT saves 70% in operational and infrastructure cost by migrating off the Unisys mainframe

“With the outcome of this project we’ve achieved our goals within time, budget and quality for the business and IT. So, we are very happy to have Asysco and TCS as strategic partners in this migration project. It felt as one organization with one goal.”

Easily provide legacy applications with a web interface

"With the on-line reporting of AMT LION we service our users with fast operation information. Our business applications run just as stable under Windows as they used to do on the mainframe. Moreover, thanks to AMT LION, we can easily provide our legacy applications with a web interface.”

Asysco delivers to their promises

Asysco is a company with skilled professionals that provide excellent service and take full project ownership. They deliver to their promises and do not shy away from any challenges that arise.” Graham Hocknell, Manager Production and Planning Systems, Information Management, ArcelorMittal.

The end result is exactly what was promised

“Throughout the migration process we were always impressed by the commitment, dedication, and most important, ability of everyone working with us at Asysco. The end result is exactly what was promised.”

OTP Bank migrates business critical Unisys banking application URBIS to Windows platform

“If you’re looking to modernize your legacy system and migrate from Unisys EAE/Linc to a Windows based environment within a reasonably short timeframe, we strongly recommend Asysco and their experienced professionals. They do the job!”

A system that is easy to grow and maintain

“We selected Asysco based on the quality they offered and their ability to provide a solution in the timeframe we needed. They provided everything promised and more, and our system now has expanded capabilities and is obviously easy to grow and maintain." John Weinstein, County Treasurer

We would not trade it back in for COBOL ever

"We are able to process information faster and more efficiently. In addition, our maintenance costs have lowered considerably." Our developers are ‘forgetting’ the old platform and have acquired so much confidence and expertise with AMT-LION. They are very pleased with it and would not trade it back in for COBOL – ever." Julio Villafañe VP IT, COSVI

The combination of AMT LION and Windows is ideal for us

"our own people and the Asysco employees know exactly how our current applications work. If you add to this the relatively low cost of the Windows platform, it’s clear that the combination of AMT-LION and Windows is ideal for us." Wim Milder, Managing Director corporate services, Broekman Group.

Three times as many transactions per day than before

"We are more than pleased. My end-users tell me ‘the system flies!’ Productivity has gone up dramatically; some departments report that their people can now handle easily three times as many transactions per day than they could before..." Brad Duncan, IT Manager American Public Life

Migration was a great move saving hunderds of thousands of dollars

Using Asysco AMT Framework we along with a great team from Asysco migrated our systems to a Microsoft SQL environment. It was a great move saving us hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. We now run these same core systems on two virtual servers. Wade Judd Sr. VP of Technology - Associated Food Stores, Inc.

The platform is as robust as advertised

Our ability to obtain ad-hoc and repetitive reports from IT has been greatly enhanced in the new environment. The system has been available much more often after heavy overnight batch processing than in the mainframe environment. The platform is as robust as advertised." Ken Fulmore, Executive Vice President Amalgamated Financial Group

ROI in less than six months

"We earned back the investment in the entire migration program very quickly. In fact, It took less than six months." Rob Feenstra, Director of Finance, ICT and Facilities De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar

The least risky approach to migration

Of all the ways we might have gone about this migration, Asysco’s approach was the least risky. The project was executed very close to the original plan and without incurring the opportunity cost associated with a major rewrite of a mission critical system. I got everything I expected out of the project, and then some.” Joe Eggers, Chief Technology Officer, Item Processing and Remittance Solutions Fiserv

A fully automated migration

To our amazement, Asysco’s prediction proved to be correct: almost the entire migration could be carried out automatically.

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Mainframe Migration

Technological change, the vanishing skill set availability and changing business needs cause organizations to move away from mainframes.

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Code Transformation

Many organizations still face challenges when running COBOL on Microsoft Windows/Unix/Linux.

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Legacy Modernization

Any mainframe migration or legacy transformation is a starting point for further optimization and innovation.

Start the transformation journey

Take the journey that many organizations have taken before you. Transform your legacy systems and drastically reduce cost, break free from vendor lock-in and open the door for innovation. Start now by requesting a FREE ASSESSMENT

Legacy migration, mainframe migration, Asysco, legacy modernization, Cobol migration, Code transformation


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Asysco has been the migration and modernization expert since 1979. Find out why Asysco should be your partner of choice for every kind of migration, transformation and/or modernization.


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