Unlocking Your Legacy Value

Legacy systems, for example mainframes, still lie at the heart of many  IT operations. As business demands the use of new technology like mobile, cloud and self service, the need for legacy migration and modernization increases. Since 1979, Asysco has been the legacy transformation and modernization experts. We have proven technology, methodology and a large number of satisfied customers. Our motto ‘Unlocking your Legacy Value’ expresses our confidence that transformation projects make a lot of sense, the risks can be well managed, and the resulting value is simply outstanding.

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Featured customers

More than 60 successful migration projects Over the past 30 years Asysco has successfully completed migration and transformation projects for over 60 customers in almost every major industry. Our wide range of experience gives a fair familiarity with most of the due diligence processes and relevant business models in these industries.

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Mainframe Migration

Technological change, the vanishing skill set availability and changing business needs cause organizations to move away from mainframes.

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Code Transformation

Many organizations still face challenges when running COBOL on Microsoft Windows/Unix/Linux.

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Legacy Modernization

Any mainframe migration or legacy transformation is a starting point for further optimization and innovation.

Start the transformation journey

Take the journey that many organizations have taken before you. Transform your legacy systems and drastically reduce cost, break free from vendor lock-in and open the door for innovation. Start now by requesting a FREE ASSESSMENT

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Why should you move off of your mainframe? should you choose for a true migration or only go for replatforming? See what options are available and decide what is the best choice for you.


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Asysco has been the migration and modernization expert since 1979. Find out why Asysco should be your partner of choice for every kind of migration, transformation and/or modernization.


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Every migration or transformation is a challenging process and requires solid project methodology and plan. Learn about the methodology and services that make all of our migration projects successful.


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Take the final step off of legacy platforms for good

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