The best of both worlds

Cobol has been declared dead numerous times over the last decade but is still alive and kicking. Something that cannot be said about the Cobol workforce. Every day, about 10.000 baby boomers are retiring including quite some Cobol programmers. A recent survey conducted on behalf of IBM shows that retirement is the biggest worry in […]

Top 5 retail trends 2017 – 2018

Top 5 retail trends 2017-2018 Flexible stores The number of traditional stores is decreasing but there’s an increase in non-traditional concepts like pop-up-stores and mobile stores. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI) AI chatbots that facilitate mobile commerce are on the rise. They are continuously present during the customer journey. Mobile wallet More and more it […]

Legacy system modernization key in accomplishing Digital Government

Governments worldwide still heavily depend on legacy technology. In fact, approximately three-quarters of all IT related budgets are spent on keeping legacy technology running. Besides the huge spending, many skilled legacy code programmers are nearing their retirement age. Valuable knowledge is walking out the door and few new programmers can be found. Meanwhile, Government agencies […]

Legacy systems & the Internet of Things

Are you ready to jump on the IoT train?     Internet of Things (IoT) is the next mega trend. The 1990s’ fixed internet wave connected 1 billion users while the 2000s’ mobile wave connected another 2 billion. According to a Goldman and Sachs study, the IoT has the potential to connect 10X as many […]

Bridging the gap with Legacy Modernization

Contrary to what we thought, cost is typically not the main driver for modernizing Legacy systems. Surely, it is costly to run and maintain a mainframe environment. The unavoidable vendor lock-in is ‘the old ball and chain’. However, the need for increased agility and flexibility nowadays is more pressing. CIO’s nééd to support the business […]

Truly remarkable customers

In our 38 years of existence we have had the honor to work with many great customers. Organizations that strive to not only make a profit but who actively contribute to make this world a better place. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of our truly remarkable customers. It fulfills […]

Save cost, gain agility

On average, a company spends between 60% and 80% of the IT budget on maintaining existing systems instead of on new developments. Half of these costs are related to the time and resources spent on the research and adaptation of legacy systems. However, technology evolves faster than ever. Organizations that are able to adapt to […]

No place for legacy systems in Insurtech

The insurance landscape has changed drastically over the last few years. As Insurance thought leader Matteo Carbone states in his article: ‘The future of insurance is insurtech‘, the insurance sector has entered a phase of profound transformation. According to Carbone: “The amplitude of the digital transformation happening in the insurance industry is widespread and encompasses […]

Facing the legacy challenge

When your system has always served your critical business processes and helped to build a firm market position it can be hard to refer to it as legacy, a word that feels close to obsolete. And yet you may find yourself running an increasingly expensive system that makes modernization and innovation unacceptably complex. As more and more markets […]

Legacy transformation in InsurTech: dealing with legacy without losing business

  By: Suzanne Glorie Many insurance companies still run their core administration applications on legacy systems. Everything that could easily be replaced, has been replaced. What’s left are business critical processes running on expensive, inflexible legacy systems, which negatively affect the ability to innovate, differentiate and integrate. And with the current market trends and higher […]