Trust, key to success in legacy transformation projects

The human factor Trust, key to success in legacy transformation projects! Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. Trust is the key concept that makes or breaks a legacy transformation process. It is especially challenging in times of change. Most people don’t like the uncertainty that comes with change, it makes them feel […]

Software programmers; shoemaker’s children with holes in their shoes?

On O’ Mike Loukides wrote an article about the next generation of programming tools commenting on a Quora post written by Alan Kay. In his article Loukides states that software programmers even today still do line-oriented programming with an alpha-numeric character set in ancient programming languages to create the most sophisticated pieces of software. It […]

Into the DARQ

In Accenture’s annual tech trend report: Technology vision of 2019, new technologies are described that are catalysts for change in the post-digital era. These are Distributed ledger technology (such as blockchain), Artificial intelligence (AI), extended Reality (including virtual and augmented reality), and Quantum computing, or in short, DARQ.  As each of these technologies reaches maturity, […]

Process leading in digital transformation era

  In the years to come digital transformation will remain a key focus. According to the IDC Worldwide semiannual digital transformation spending guide, worldwide digital transformation spending is expected to reach $1.97 trillion in 2022, steadily expanding with an annual growth rate of 16.7%. Business executives recognize digital transformation as a long-term investment. IDC predicts […]

European Technology Strategy

There must be a European technology strategy, says the Dutch political party D66 in the Dutch newspaper ‘het Financieel Dagblad’. European tech companies must be able to merge more easily and be protected against takeovers by, for example, the Chinese or Americans. The political party also calls for the European Union to allocate fifty billion […]

Code Crankers of the 21st Century

As modern technology evolves there’s ever more code out there. recently published an interesting graph about the number of lines of code it takes to run different systems and technologies. The graph clearly shows that quite a few of today’s applications and solutions require far more code than the most complex existing systems. For […]

Banca del Ceresio has gone live on AMT LION

October 2017, during the Asysco Technology Conference in Alkmaar, Banca del Ceresio SA decided to move forward with a migration of their Unisys Libra system to Asysco’s AMT LION solution. The engagement started early 2016 with a Site Survey. After that, Asysco supported them on a long “due diligence journey”, which included: reference calls with […]

A complex mainframe migration can also be fun….

The video interview below, “Between two Ferns euh Farms”, is with Stephen Agostinelli (PMO) of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFBLI) and the Asysco Chief Project Officer, Rob Lawrence. As part of the migration project kick off in November 2018, the promise has been made to keep everyone informed & making communication a priority. […]

Be competitive, embrace IT Transformation

More than 80% of IT decision-makers say if they don’t embrace IT Transformation, their companies won’t be competitive. They must deploy infrastructure solutions that meet the more demanding performance, reliability, agility and security requirements of modern applications and workloads. Being able to access real-world data in a timely manner gives IT teams a significant boost […]