Dealing with the unexpected, TOGETHER, a Life Insurance CTO’s perspective

My name is Charlie Allen, Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company located in Jackson, Mississippi. Herman Eggink reached to me last week to ask me to share my experiences with taking our business to home as part of the sharing of experiences through Historically, we have not been […]

Dealing with the unexpected, TOGETHER

Over the past couple of weeks, pretty much the entire world has had to change its way of working due to complete lock downs, social distancing or any other measure in place to deal with the spreading of SARS-CoV-2 (leading to COVID-19). Healthcare systems in many countries got completely overloaded dealing with the deluge of […]

Solving the mainframe risks

Contrary to what people have been claiming for years, the mainframe is still alive. Not from a luxury position but because in most of the cases it is running complex, custom made, mission critical applications. Although the mainframe itself is still functioning well in terms of technology an increasing number of risks are emerging that […]

Quantum computing: entering the Matrix

In the film the Matrix, the main character Neo is offered the choice between a red pill and a blue pill by rebel leader Morpheus. In the movie, the red pill represented an uncertain future—it would free him from the enslaving control of the machine-generated dream world and allow him to escape into the real […]

Platform economy and the role of the mainframe

Our economy is going through a revolution, a digital revolution that goes beyond anything we have experienced before. New disruptive technologies are rapidly creating new opportunities to interact and do business. Digital platform business models are on the rise. We are entering the era of the platform economy. Experts say that every organization, without exception, […]

Why emulating a mainframe is a 20th-century solution to a 21st-century problem

Many companies offer solutions aimed at replicating the IBM mainframe ecosystem on x86. Some solutions, previously Platform Solutions Inc (aka PSI, and currently LzLabs (, provide a form of binary compatibility that should allow complied programs to run on x86 unchanged. Other solutions emulate specific IBM mainframe components such as IBM COBOL, CICS, and JCL. […]