Who’s right about the future of mainframe?

  Who’s right about the future of mainframe? With the new Z14 series IBM continues to strongly focus on mainframe. They are certain that mainframe is not only here to stay but that it’s use will continue to grow. Ginni Rometty, IBM Chairman, President and CEO said: “The mainframe has been around for more than […]

The competitive ‘edge’

  The competitive ‘edge’ The unstoppable growth of IoT will lead to severe ‘traffic’ challenges. The huge amount of data produced by network devices worldwide almost literally causes blockages in the pipelines to the Cloud. Almost all data collected by sensors, chips and readers from countless devices are now sent directly to external data storage […]

Bye Bye mainframe

Bye Bye mainframe Report of a cut-over weekend A little background This project encompassed a migration from an OS 2200 COBOL application of over 5 million lines of code, 3000 ECL scripts and over 170 integrating applications going to an Asysco AMT COBOL solution. It was a challenging project as it required a relatively new […]

10 Tips for a smooth mainframe migration project

  Over the years, many of our customers have gone through large, complex and challenging mainframe migration projects. All of which have successfully been completed. OTP Bank, Diamond Marketing Solutions, VIVAT, Modern Woodmen of America and Fujitsu Sweden who performed the Unisys migration at Swedish Transport Agency shared their learnings. From their experience we have […]

How reliable are tech prophecies?

  Already for ages predictions of our technological future have been made. Many did not come true but there were also many that were stunningly accurate. Below we have listed our top 3 of both sides. Foolish tech predictions “There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Ken Olsen, founder of […]

DevOps on the rise; majority of organizations are implementing

According to Forrester’s 2017 Q1 Global DevOps Benchmark Online Survey 50% of organizations are implementing DevOps, while 13% have already implemented it and another 27% are planning to implement within 12 months. This means that DevOps is widely being adopted. It is no longer the question ‘if’ but rather ‘when’ DevOps will be implemented. Many […]

Technology trends 2018 and the impact of legacy

2017 marked the start of a true digital transformation, which will further expand and materialize in 2018. According to several trend watchers around the world, these are the top 5 technology trends:   Blockchain While its primary use in 2017 and before was to verify cryptocurrency transactions, like Bitcoins, developers are realizing it also has […]

Gartner: datacenter growth negatively impacts server market

  Gartner: Datacenter growth negatively impacts server market According to Gartner, the data center system segment is expected to grow 0.3 percent in 2017. While this is up from negative growth in 2016, the segment is experiencing a slowdown in the server market. “We are seeing a shift in who is buying servers and who […]

Consequenses of the Micro Focus HPE reverse takeover

Author: Herman Eggink, Asysco CCO Let’s say you’ve chosen your “flavor” of Micro Focus COBOL and you’re currently enjoying the enhanced capabilities of COBOL programming, plus a reduction in cost compared to your previous mainframe licenses. Your plan was to stay in Micro Focus COBOL for at least a decade and that is your long-term […]