Code Crankers of the 21st Century

As modern technology evolves there’s ever more code out there. recently published an interesting graph about the number of lines of code it takes to run different systems and technologies. The graph clearly shows that quite a few of today’s applications and solutions require far more code than the most complex existing systems. For […]

Banca del Ceresio has gone live on AMT LION

October 2017, during the Asysco Technology Conference in Alkmaar, Banca del Ceresio SA decided to move forward with a migration of their Unisys Libra system to Asysco’s AMT LION solution. The engagement started early 2016 with a Site Survey. After that, Asysco supported them on a long “due diligence journey”, which included: reference calls with […]

A complex mainframe migration can also be fun….

The video interview below, “Between two Ferns euh Farms”, is with Stephen Agostinelli (PMO) of Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company (SFBLI) and the Asysco Chief Project Officer, Rob Lawrence. As part of the migration project kick off in November 2018, the promise has been made to keep everyone informed & making communication a priority. […]

Be competitive, embrace IT Transformation

More than 80% of IT decision-makers say if they don’t embrace IT Transformation, their companies won’t be competitive. They must deploy infrastructure solutions that meet the more demanding performance, reliability, agility and security requirements of modern applications and workloads. Being able to access real-world data in a timely manner gives IT teams a significant boost […]

The Trump administration recognises how legacy is impeding innovation.

The Trump administration recognises how legacy is impeding innovation. Not just impede. More like downright obstruct. Recently US president Donald Trump’s administration released his 2020 budget. In the report the Trump administration criticizes the agency’s customer services. “The government lags by as much as nine points behind the private sector.” The administration wants to see […]

Stop flushing billions down the drain

How to prevent money-wasting Government IT failures Over the last decade, legacy modernization has become a hot topic for government IT organizations. In this era of digital disruptions citizens expect the same level of service and user experience from their government agencies as they get from commercial organizations. Therefore, more and more government agencies are […]

Mature Nordic industry players lead digital transformation journey

  Over the last few years we’ve been told that tech disruptors displace established technologies and shake up industries, changing end-user experience by introducing ground-breaking products and services. However, according to a new report commissioned by Tieto and conducted by IDC Nordic, digital transformation’s main fuel is not coming from tech disruptors but mature industry […]

Strategic decision SFBLI to move away from COBOL to .NET

Interview Southern Farm Bureau Life Insurance (SFBLI) taken during the annual Asysco Technology Conference in New York, October 2018. “We have been a mainframe shop for 35, 40 years now and several things were driving us to look at moving off the mainframe. Then I received this email from this company called Asysco and it […]

Gleaner Life Insurance Society contracts Asysco

We are very pleased to announce that Gleaner Life Insurance Society (Michigan, USA)  has become an Asysco customer. Gleaner is a fraternal life insurance company and participated in our Modernization and Migration event at Modern Woodmen of America (MWA), in August 2018. During this event MWA shared their migration success story and Gleaner received a […]