Technical Writer EMEA

The position of Technical Writer is creating and maintaining product documentation, release notes, newsletters and product training material. The standard office is based in Coevorden, traveling is not required.


The position

As a Technical writer you will:

  • report to Asysco’s CSO (Chief Services Officer)
  • create Asysco product documentation from technical specifications provided by R&D
  • write release notes for Asysco products
  • write newsletter communications to customers
  • develop and writing technical product training material and accompanying applications (writing theoretical information and exercises for developers)
  • deliver training internally to Asysco Personnel

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Your Profile


In order to fill the positsion of Technical Writer we expect you to:

  • possess good problem solving skills
  • be able to stand alone
  • have strong perseverance
  • have strong customer focus
  • have strong ethics and values and work by these
  • excellent communication skills (written) in English
  • good technical understanding

Asysco’s Core Competencies:

To fit the Asysco culture we expect all our employees to:

  • possess good problem solving skills
  • be able to work individually as well as in a team
  • have strong perseverance
  • have a strong customer focus
  • have (and work by) strong ethics and values

Our Offer

  • Good salary & benefits
  • This position can be offered as a permanent position/ long term contract


Interested in this position?

For additional information about this position you can contact our office at:
+31 (0)524 515386


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