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A change in HBOS’s  business strategy meant that the existing system infrastructure needed to be replaced

By migrating to the Asysco AMT Framework (Visual Studio) and C# .NET, the Insurance and Investment division of HBOS plc were able to gain significant performance and stability improvements, while at the same time achieving cost savings. More importantly, the move to C# .NET means that when new products and eCommerce applications are required, it will be faster and easier to develop and maintain them.

“The AMT-VS implementation was a huge success, not only from a project perspective, but also from the perspective of their end users.”
Patrick McNaught, IT Head of Strategy HBOS plc

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HBOS Case Study

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HBOS plc is a direct subsidiary of Lloyds Bank plc and a wholly owned indirect subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group plc.
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