IBM Mainframe Migration

Put an end to high runtime licence cost and IBM dependency

Native Technologies / No Emulation
The Asysco mainframe migration solution takes any application developed on IBM technology as well as underlying storage. It automatically converts these into a fully identical application, but designed to run within an alternative environment on open systems. The new application eliminates legacy constructs uses modern and industry standard development tools such as C#, VB, .NET, SQL Server, Oracle etc.. This allows flexible application integration and extension.

IBM Mainframe Migration

100% automated migration is available for IBM:

Benchmark proofs outstanding performance

Back in 2012, HP conducted a series of performance benchmarks to compare performance of an IBM mainframe with a number of different x86 based platforms using a benchmark application called zRef (COBOL/CICS application designed for an IBM mainframe running z/OS). The results of that benchmark are described in a whitepaper: 4AA4-2452ENW, August 2013, REV. 1.

Recently Asysco decided to run the exact same application using Asysco’s AMT framework. In the benchmark, both on premise Single Server: 2210 MIPS was tested, as well as Azure Virtual Machines: 5156 MIPS.

The results were stunning. The combination of AMT and Azure can safely scale up to over a 5000 MIPS equivalent for a single application at a fraction of the cost and makes making it both suitable and a cost attractive alternative for 99% of the mainframe applications in existence.

The tests have shown that, using the zRef benchmark application, AMT provides both the lowest cost as well as the highest performing mainframe alternative infrastructure. The test results also underline that the cost difference between on premise (where the end user is responsible for everything) and the cloud (where a lot of the operational tasks are provided by the cloud provider) are minimal, to the degree that the cloud (Azure) is likely to be a more cost-effective option whilst providing at least the same quality of service. This is especially the case in the managed database configuration where all operational tasks (backup, fail over, ..) are included in the managed database Azure subscription.

Download the benchmark report

Automated IBM Mainframe Migration of entire mainframe ecosystem

Through our automated framework, Asysco migrates the entire mainframe ecosystem: code, batch, security, operations management, and so on and delivers a tested, functionally unchanged and complete ecosystem back to our customers. Better yet, the target system has same or better quality of service (performance, availability, scalability, resilience, manageability, ..) and is as maintainable and manageable as the original mainframe environment.

After migration, all code is maintained using standard development tools on the chosen platform to further facilitate application integration and modernization. Seeing is believing, sample before and after code samples are available on request.