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October 2017
Computable: Asysco helps insurer with mainframe migration

Insurer VIVAT successfully completed the migration of a Unisys Libra mainframe to a Microsoft SQL environment.This migration enables VIVAT to implement future innovations faster and more effectively. In addition, the project generates a cost saving of 70%. During the migration, VIVAT was supported by Asysco. Click here to read the article on (Dutch) or click here to read the English version.

March 2016
Computable: Legacy systems are a business risk

For already forty years there’s a Unisys OS2200 mainframe at the Swedish Transport Agency (STA), which is being used for the administration of road traffic. By the end of this year, Fujitsu and Asysco will have migrated this legacy platform to an open .NET environment. The case ‘STA’ does not stand alone: ​​the legacy problem will only worsen in the coming years.
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February 2016
NET: Swedish Transport Agency is modernizing its mainframe environment

Fujitsu Sweden is currently implementing IT environment modernization with the Swedish Transport Agency. This is one of the largest modernization projects in Europe. The project is valued at approximately 6,2 million euros. Asysco’s Migration Technology is used to perform the mainframe migration.
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January 2016
Computable: “Asysco sees growth in migration IBM mainframes”.

Computable IBM


Article in Dutch IT magazine Computable about legacy transformation and Asysco’s move to IBM mainframe migrations.

Migration specialist Asysco from Coevorden, the Netherlands is now carrying out projects worldwide for clients that want to get off their IBM mainframe. The first IBM migration project has recently been successfully completed. Using the Asysco Migration Technology (AMT) Framework, the mainframe environment is automatically transferred to an open Microsoft.NET platform. The company benefits from the increased demand for the modernization of legacy Cobol environments.


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January 2016
Computable: “Investing in Legacy is pointless”.



Article in Dutch IT Magazine Computable about the legacy dilemma, mainframe alternatives and the open door to new technology.

Most Cobol is connected to mainframe and Unix systems, while the IT industry now focuses on modern technology. The lack of Cobol knowledge and expertise will only increase. Investing in legacy is not wise, says Migration specialist Asysco from Coevorden, the Netherlands.
Their focus is on helping organizations transfer their legacy applications from Unisys and IBM mainframes and Unix environment to an open Microsoft .NET platform.


Click here to read the article (Dutch) or click below to download the translation.

October 2015
Unlocking value from legacy systems

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Asysco launches AMT COBOL

On Windows Oct 2015 - Market Watch

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Real Time

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