VIVAT Insurance improves its foundation for future innovations

Asysco helps insurer with mainframe migration VIVAT improves its foundation for future innovations Insurer VIVAT successfully completed the migration of a Unisys Libra mainframe to a Microsoft SQL environment. This migration enables VIVAT to implement future innovations faster and more effectively. In addition, the project generates a cost saving of 70%. During the migration, VIVAT […]

Automated versus manual conversion

There are many articles on the Internet that discuss the subject of the use of tools – versus manual conversion. All of them deliver the same message to the following questions: Do automated conversions cost less than manual rewrites? What are the advantages of doing an automated conversion versus a manual rewrite? We know that […]

Migration projects successfully gone live!

Over the past week and a halve two important migration projects successfully went live. The first one was the Swedish Transport Agency (STA)  and the second one was VIVAT, a Dutch insurance company. After months of preparation and testing, the automated migration of the Unisys legacy systems of both organizations took place over a weekend. […]

Hurricane Sandy forces Amalgamated to migrate to the cloud

Sometimes an external factor, such as a natural disaster leads to drastic business decisions. Hurricane Sandy caused so much damage for Amalgamated Financial Group that they decided to move their critical business applications to the cloud. In this video they explain the reason they got off the mainframe in the first place and share their […]

Global exclusivity for Fujitsu Unisys Migration Projects

Fujitsu has granted Asysco global exclusivity for Unisys migrations in its application modernization partner program. Fujitsu works with key modernization specialist organizations across the globe. Together, Fujitsu and Asysco are able to provide a very wide portfolio of capabilities enabling us to modernize in excess of 95% of the Unisys mainframe applications we encounter, like […]

Software Improvement Group evaluates AMT

Independent analyst SIG: “Asysco’s legacy migration improves development & maintainability”   Software Improvement Group, Europe’s leading authority on code quality and maintenance, has performed an evaluation of Asysco’s Migration Technology. In the report SIG explores: Quality of the post-conversion source code, compared to pre-conversion, in terms of maintainability
; Impact on source code maintenance activities of […]

OTP Croatia secures future for its core banking through Asysco migration

Asysco today announced that it has successfully completed the legacy transformation project at OTP Banka Hrvatska (OBH), Croatia (part of the Hungarian OTP Group). The project was delivered in close cooperation with outsourcing partner JET-SOL, aligning with and adding value to OTP Group’s Unisys roadmap. Project Overview Project Scope: Unisys’s URBIS package (core banking); running […]

Asysco raises awareness for the legacy challenge at DIA Barcelona

Legacy systems like mainframes, still power the core administrations of many insurance companies. These systems are expensive, inflexible and difficult to integrate with. They negatively impact your ability to innovate and to gain competitive advantage. Competitive advantage is tightly linked to an organizations’ ability to respond quickly to market changes and customer demands. Innovation is […]

Succesful go-live at University of the Western Cape

The University of the Western Cape (Capetown, South Africa) leaves an outdated legacy environment behind and embraces a future-proof solution The scope of the project was the conversion of the Student Administration System (SASI) – written in Unisys’ proprietary EAE/LINC language – to C#, running on native Microsoft .NET Technology.   Some key metrics of […]